Art of Low-Carbon Life

Ending 2010 mill treatment about 874,000 metric tones of iron ore has average 6.8%-level leadership. They repeatedly called for under the energy-saving emission reduction, the company is particularly attention to environmental protection, restore this plant produced an average of about 68,000 tones of lead 65% lead the average grade of concentrate and 74%. Quarter of 2010, dry metric tons of iron ore mill 31.6 6.9% the average head-level leadership. Average 78% lead plant recovery, production of approximately 25,900 tons of concentrate 65% average grade contains lead, represents a significant improvement, from the results of the third quarter of 2010. They mill production to take more stringent measures, and touch the product size uniform, making products easier, in more than a year as shown in the table; Magellan mine recovery and concentrate production season may show Stone Crusher Focus on Low-carbon .

Power station re-commissioned in January 2010, has been operating since the efficient little downtime. In May 2010, Magellan metals from September Holdings Limited and Pacific energy (Kosovo) Holdings Limited (manufacturer), the power station site, the purchase price of us $ 1.6 million to purchase. 5.6 MW power station has been leased to Magellan, by the vendor before purchasing, including seven diesel generators and related equipment, systems and control room. Their low-carbon life, have been studying and improving low carbon breaking machine.

According to Kari Kerbela, Project Manager, Automation at Potholing Viola: “We welcome Mug’s initiative to supply James bury soft-seated butterfly valves for the condensate recovery area. Initially metal-seated valves were specified for Corrosion challenge , but due to corrosion problems with hard chrome in dematerialized water, the most economical solution was to change valve type. Kim Haiti, Installation Supervisor, Automation at Potholing Viola is satisfied with the MEG delivery: “Everything has worked as planned on the site.” Jane Vila Alma, MEG Area Sales Manager, feels that the James bury Wafer-Sphere is a very good product, particularly in corrosive and gas-tight applications.

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