Get Paid To Take Surveys With Peace Of Mind And Without The Scams

If you are like millions of others, you have checked out the paid survey scene and didn?t bother to follow up on your mission. Maybe you didn’t know how to go about making the most money for your time, or maybe you were just plain lost as to where to turn to find the legit Paid Survey Companies. There are countless tips and insider advice that will get you on the right track, but the problem is that they tips are hard to find. Not anymore. Here are five bulletproof tips to help you break through the fluff and get you on your way to the Promised Land.

1) Try to use different email addresses for the different available survey offers. For example: Go to or and make multiple email accounts (example being: earncash1@, earncash2@, earncash3@ so on). Make 10-15 of them, and rotate which ones you use when completing different surveys. This helps your surveys approve FASTER and it will also help the rate at which they get approved for you. Just make sure the email address is made using your 100% truthful information.

2) Clear your cookies after EVERY survey offer that you do! In Internet Explorer it will be under “Tools” and then go to “Internet Options”. Look for the words “Delete Browsing History” or “Delete Cookies”. The same goes for using Firefox. It will be under “Tools? and then “Clear Private Data”. Try to remember to do this after doing an offer or survey.

3) Once you get comfortable with the free offers and feel like doing some credit card offers (they pay a lot more) you can get a Gift Card. You can get these from any Walgreen?s or CVS. You can also obtain one from (they are the leader in online gift cards). You can use these to do the credit card offers. You can also get a virtual Debit card from PayPal if you already have an account with them. Just log in to your PayPal account and look for the “Debit Card Offer”. Again, doing credit card offers is highly recommend if you want to make over 3 figures a month with each Survey Company and Paid Offer Company. An example of a CC offer is this: “survey site A” has a Blockbuster offer available and if you sign up to Blockbusters free trial, Survey Site A will pay you $12 for trying out the service for a trial period.

4) If you have more than one email address, it is good to switch them up between offers. This is a superb method of increasing verification odds. However, do not use emails that don’t belong to you or you may get banned!

5) Also, only use Internet Explorer or Firefox to do surveys. Internet Explorer is recommended first, so if you have Internet Explorer, use it over Firefox. With these five Insider tips, you will no doubt triple your income from these unique Survey opportunities. All you have to do now is find the most legit paid survey sites, which are free to join, and implement what you have just learned.

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