Article Marketing – At Last, A Free Step By Step, ?how To? Guide (part 15)

So far in this mini-course you have learned where what Article Marketing is, what it does, and what it can do. You have learned about products, websites, squeeze pages, autoresponders, and lists. We have talked about article directories, types of article submission, and how to write effective articles. We discussed credibility and what to expect as an article marketer. Now we will put it all together and get your business of the ground.

** Part 13 ? Putting it All Together **

Ok here we go. Let?s go through the steps to getting your Article Marketing career started.

1.) Products

Find a number of products. One to use as a give away to attract subscribers to your list and at least one more to upsell to those who opt in.

These can be products you have created yourself, purchased, or are from an affiliate marketing group.

2.) Website

Get yourself a domain name and purchase professional web hosting. I know that it might seem expensive at first but you will thank yourself later

3.) Squeeze Page

Create the framework of a squeeze page for your website. Keep fancy technologies like Flash, Shockwave, animated graphics, etc off of your business site. Do not use banners or text links on your business site.

Give visitors only 2 choices opt in or leave.

4.) Get an Autoresponder

Script or service, it is your choice, but you need an autoresponder. Generate the sign up form with your autoresponder then cut and paste the code into your squeeze page in the desired location.

5.) Your List

Follow up. Immediately begin email marketing to your list using the schedule listed in this mini-course as soon as you get your first subscriber.

Move any subscriber that purchases a product to your customer list.

6.) Article Distribution

Make a list of any ezines that publish content in you field. Send email to the publisher asking if they accept article submissions. Include an example of your work. If they will accept your articles create a mailing list with all of the publishers who want your articles on it. Send a message to your list with any new material you write.

Sign up with as many article directories as you like. Be sure to read the Editorial Guidelines for each directory you sign up with and abide by them.

7.) Articles

Begin writing articles in the niche you have selected, and post them to the article directories

Use the information in this mini-course dealing with outline, headlines, and author resource box to write high quality, information filled articles that your readers will enjoy.

8.) Write, Write, Write

Be consistent. Write each and every day. More articles in distribution means more backlinks to your website and more subscribers to your list.

Honestly that is all there is to it. It will seem like there is so much more but broken down in a nutshell that?s it.

You can do this, don?t let anyone tell you that you cannot. If there are internet professionals who are making six figures simply by article marketing, it is proven that it can be done. You can do it too.

Be consistent. Be diligent, Be dedicated. Most of all be successful.

It is my sincere hope that this short mini-course will help you begin your Article Marketing career and help you prosper. If you have any questions feel free to visit me at the link in the author?s resource box.