Get Paid To Take Surveys With Peace Of Mind And Without The Scams

If you are like millions of others, you have checked out the paid survey scene and didn?t bother to follow up on your mission. Maybe you didn’t know how to go about making the most money for your time, or maybe you were just plain lost as to where to turn to find the legit Paid Survey Companies. There are countless tips and insider advice that will get you on the right track, but the problem is that they tips are hard to find. Not anymore. Here are five bulletproof tips to help you break through the fluff and get you on your way to the Promised Land.

1) Try to use different email addresses for the different available survey offers. For example: Go to or and make multiple email accounts (example being: earncash1@, earncash2@, earncash3@ so on). Make 10-15 of them, and rotate which ones you use when completing different surveys. This helps your surveys approve FASTER and it will also help the rate at which they get approved for you. Just make sure the email address is made using your 100% truthful information.

2) Clear your cookies after EVERY survey offer that you do! In Internet Explorer it will be under “Tools” and then go to “Internet Options”. Look for the words “Delete Browsing History” or “Delete Cookies”. The same goes for using Firefox. It will be under “Tools? and then “Clear Private Data”. Try to remember to do this after doing an offer or survey.

3) Once you get comfortable with the free offers and feel like doing some credit card offers (they pay a lot more) you can get a Gift Card. You can get these from any Walgreen?s or CVS. You can also obtain one from (they are the leader in online gift cards). You can use these to do the credit card offers. You can also get a virtual Debit card from PayPal if you already have an account with them. Just log in to your PayPal account and look for the “Debit Card Offer”. Again, doing credit card offers is highly recommend if you want to make over 3 figures a month with each Survey Company and Paid Offer Company. An example of a CC offer is this: “survey site A” has a Blockbuster offer available and if you sign up to Blockbusters free trial, Survey Site A will pay you $12 for trying out the service for a trial period.

4) If you have more than one email address, it is good to switch them up between offers. This is a superb method of increasing verification odds. However, do not use emails that don’t belong to you or you may get banned!

5) Also, only use Internet Explorer or Firefox to do surveys. Internet Explorer is recommended first, so if you have Internet Explorer, use it over Firefox. With these five Insider tips, you will no doubt triple your income from these unique Survey opportunities. All you have to do now is find the most legit paid survey sites, which are free to join, and implement what you have just learned.

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Five Environmental Message Mistakes – And How To Fix Them

You’ve heard the phrase “look before you leap.” But what does that mean when it comes to environmental writing and communications?

First, an urban legend about what can happen if you don’t look before you leap. Enjoying healthy sales of its Nova automobile in the U.S., Chevrolet introduced it to Latin America — where it bombed. As it turned out, “no va” — means “no go” in Spanish, and the name was turning potential customers away.

Environmental insiders make mistakes like this all the time, but you don’t have to.

When the stakes are high, savvy communicators pre-test their message before they commit to it. For example, advertising executives screen their latest commercial with a sample audience, before they spend millions to air it. Political campaigns test out slogans and speech lines with voters, before the candidates use them on the stump. Trial lawyers practice their arguments in front of mock juries, before they head into court.

They use the pretesting to avoid mistakes — and to sharpen their message so they get what they want.

In my practice, I help nature protection and pollution control organizations pre-test their fundraising letters, petitions, brochures, webpages, and related materials. I see some mistakes come up again and again. So here’s a short list of our own “no va” moments that you should take care to avoid:

Mistake #1: “If only they knew.” I hear this one from my clients a lot. “If only they knew they lived in a watershed,” “If only they knew they knew the storm drain went to the creek.” So they produce materials that are long on science education and short on action messages. As you might expect, these materials produce little action.

Mistake #2: Weak photography. Nature protection groups use a lot of pretty nature pictures. Pollution control organizations show a lot of pipes and oil slicks. No problem there, but when we pre-test those messages, test subjects often ask for photographs that demonstrate what action they can take.

Mistake #3: Professional jargon. Scientists, engineers, and lawyers tend to use professional lingo that sends the message to the public that your message isn’t meant for them. Pre-testing your materials is great way to uncover words that you thought were plain English, but aren’t.

Mistake #4: Too depressing. Sure, you have to convince people there’s a problem before they will do something to help solve it. But if you go to far, you will demoralize your audience.

Mistake #5: It’s all up to you. Let’s face it. Most of the things that everyday citizens can do to protect nature or control pollution make a pretty small difference — and they know it. But when we all do our part, it adds up to something big. So it’s very important to include in your message some words and pictures about the other people who are doing their part: donating, picking up after their dog, turning off their lights, signing that petition, etc.

Learning what the five mistakes are is a great way to avoid them. And another way to avoid these mistakes is to follow some writing guidelines like the Water Words That Work method. This 4-step method incorporates the findings from many environmental message pre-tests and opinion polls.

Finally, pretesting your environmental message isn’t just for those with deep pockets anymore. There are many new market research services coming onto the market that you can use to catch mistakes and sharpen your message, just like major corporations and candidates for high office do. When you simply can’t afford “no va,” pretesting is a “no brainer.”

How To Make Money Online No Registration Fees Needed

Looking for an employment opportunity that requires no registration fee? That would be great! Of course, people want to know the feel of the online job environment first and just engage in it without worrying too much about registration payments. How to make money online no registration fees is a good enough reason to try the offer. There?s nothing that will be lost in trying so why not go for it? This online money making opportunity might be the perfect way for you to earn.

Writing jobs are number one in this list. Most websites soliciting articles from users online will pay according to the level of output. There is practically no need to ask for processing fees because there is nothing to process. Your company might instruct you to sign a couple of employment papers but that?s about it. And this can be done online too, so what?s the use of processing fees?

Check out SEO writing jobs and web content writing opportunities. They are currently the hottest jobs online. Although there are still other writing jobs such as writing research papers and speeches, SEO and web content are the more utilized write-ups in the net today.

Online ads posting is also worth trying. There?s just so much opportunity in this kind of money making venture. Besides the obvious fact that your website will do the working for you, this added compensation might just be able to pay for your fetishes or cravings. If you are lucky, your website can get enough hits in a month to pay for the phone bill. And with multiple websites with an equally heavy traffic each, apartment rentals will never be a problem anymore.

Try Google AdSense since, last time we checked, it pays more than other competitors. The rate may vary from advertisement to advertisement but eventually, it will pile up and give you a two or three-figure paycheck each month for each website.

These two opportunities are already good answers to the question of how to make money online no registration fees. There are other ways to do it, Googling it would be a good solution to this dilemma. Moreover, with refined searches you will be able to find an online opportunity dedicated to your expertise and field of interest.

Not that even in brick-and-mortar jobs, the government discourages the collection of fees even before the person is employed. So take it from the government itself, employment with no registration fees required are fine or even better than paid registration counterparts.

Believe me. Once you start applying these things you?ve learned recently, you are nearing your goal of getting an online opportunity without paying registration fees. The goal here is to get as much lead from the internet about which business opportunities that pay without you first paying them. Soon enough, you will be able to choose from the offers and find out which is the most cost-efficient pick among these no-registration offers. See for yourself the answer on how to make money online no registration fees.

Pay Per Click Traffic

Advertising your services or products on the Internet is both extremely effective and extremely competitive. There are several ways to go about attracting traffic to your web page; Pay-Per Click is one of the options you can choose from, along with developing an Optimization, or site optimization campaign. Optimization are targeted to get your web page placed as close to the top of search engine results as possible. One of the differences is that it takes minutes to set up a pay-per-click campaign versus months for a good Optimization campaign.

Pay-Per-Click is a simple type of paid advertising like Google, including some of the largest ones, now offer. It requires a bid for a per-click basis, which translates to your company paying the bid amount every time the search engine directs a visitor to your site. There is the added bonus that when a per-click sends web traffic, your site often appears in the search results.

Analyzing your web traffic statistics can be an invaluable tool for a number of different reasons. But before you can make full use of this tool, you need to understand how to interpret the data. Most web hosting companies will provide you with basic web traffic information that you then have to interpret and make pertinent use of. However, the data you receive from your host company can be overwhelming if you do not understand how to apply it to your particular business and site. Lets start by examining the most basic data the average visitors to your site on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Search engines are the gateway to the Internet; they are the first tool that potential customers use to find the products and services they need. This is why link popularity is so imperative. If the customers do not find your site, you have no possibilities of making any sales. You are probably wondering what the blazes is popular about a link! Well, in a word plenty! Link popularity refers to the ranking by the search engines, and it determines the ranking your page gets when keywords are entered into a search engine. So, you are probably wondering, how do I make my link popular?

The methods employed to increase your search engine rankings may seem like rocket science to you, so you have probably avoided dealing with this issue. I am here to tell you the time has come to face your website! A high ranking for your website is so essential that if you have the slightest desire to actually succeed in your business, there is no way you can continue to avoid this issue.

At least 85% of people looking for goods and services on the Internet find websites through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Live. The idea of optimizing your pages for high search engine rankings is to attract targeted customers who will be more than likely to make a purchase. The higher your page comes up in search results, the greater the traffic that is directed to your website. That’s what search engine optimization is about.

A website Optimization Company can be an invaluable asset in your computer Internet marketing campaign. They specialize in knowing how to raise your search positions,monitoring those positions on the regular basis, and adjusting their strategies to account for undesirable results in any given month. Since this takes a lot of time, effort, and specialized knowledge, it can be in your best interest to go to an outside source rather than try to maintain high search positions on your own. However, like every business, there are good companies and there are lemons. Knowing the right questions to ask and the criteria to look for will help you in choosing an affordable, effective website optimization company.

Lacking A Degree? Top Resume Tips For Aspiring Leaders

If you’re a senior-level professional or manager, you’ve probably worked your way up the corporate ranks through demonstrated leadership, dedication, and proficiency.

At some point, you may find yourself wanting to transition upward in your career, and this can be where that nagging doubt sets in: you never finished (or even started) college.

What if this holds you back?

In my work as a professional resume writer, it amazes me how often this question comes up. It seems that ascending professionals divided into two camps: those who fear what might happen during the job search because their career took off too quickly to attend to educational matters, and those without a degree who have ascended the career ladder just the same.

If you aspire to the corner office, moving from the first group into the second requires using some key strategies to pique an employer’s interest. Consider these tips to present a confident image, no matter what your educational status:

> Look at your career contributions with dollar signs.

Employers are always interested in the bottom line. Can you add to it, or control the expenses affecting it? Then, by all means, get this information onto your resume.

Now, extracting this data can be a challenge, but consider the payoff! A powerful leadership resume must practically shout this information in order to prove the strength of your performance.

Ask yourself hard questions about the results of your work, and then put figures to as much of it as possible.

For example, when working with a telecommunications executive lacking a degree, I discussed his leadership role in a reengineering project.

Our analysis yielded sentences such as “Eliminated $34M in rework and achieved 78+% ROI by leading sales and service delivery teams to identify core revisions.” Information such as this helped him quickly demonstrate fitness for a leadership role, while minimizing questions on his educational status.

Results such as these speak for themselves and can cut through any doubt about your abilities-degree or not.

> Add professional training as proof of ongoing development.

You may have attended hours of seminars, leadership training sessions, and other professional development endeavors. Now’s the time to take advantage of your participation.

Keep a complete list as fodder for an educational section on your resume, thus avoiding any temptation to simply skip this information. Adding this data can demonstrate not only a passion for lifelong learning, but also a dedication to learning concepts that benefit employers.

> Mention partial degree programs and other studies.

College coursework, even if you did not finish a degree program, still counts toward secondary education requirements in the eyes of many hiring managers.

In fact, one of the key questions I always ask leadership professionals is whether they attended college without graduating. Most employers understand that life happens, and that not everyone finishes their degree programs.

Use every opportunity to your advantage! Don’t forget to list college studies, including majors and areas of concentration, on your resume.

> Showcase your personal brand and leadership qualities.

Everyone has unique strengths and capabilities to offer their next employer. What are yours? Have you thought about the impact you have on the company’s business?

Ask yourself what pattern emerges when you name personal qualities and traits that allow you to succeed. Believe it or not, these are very relevant to employers, and OFTEN stand out more during a job hunt than degrees do.

Make a list of what you achieve that consistently affects revenue, the corporate reputation, or efficiency, and then describe the steps you’ve taken to attain these results.

Ensure that this information takes center stage on your resume, rather that just listing mundane tasks and other details.

In summary, establishing a link between your expertise and consistent corporate performance is the fastest way to gain attention during your job search.

And consider this: For every employer requiring a degree, there are probably two others that will look at your “on-the-job education” as equivalent (and possibly even stronger) credentials.

14 Rules To Keep Your Woodshop Running Smooth

It is crucial to remember that the most important asset in your shop is yourself.
Too often we craftsmen can become negligent of ourselves on the job, forgetting that we are our the most important, most essential machines in the shop. Be smart and consider your safety and the safety of others as you work. Follow these few steps to maintain a positive and safe work environment for yourself, for others, and for your tools as well:

Above all things, be smart and be prepared. Most precautionary/preventative measures fall only as subcategories to this one element. Always remember to use your brain more than any other tool in the shop.

Be Smart:
1.)Think things through: Knowing what you’re doing before you do it makes everything exponentially easier. Remember, especially, to think before you cut. Knowing your cuts and movements around the blade before you make them can be the difference between and smooth cut and a lost finger.
— Don’t operate power tools if you are sick or otherwise impaired (i.e. on medication or alcohol).

2.) Know your equipment – and know how to use it: It’s vital that craftsmen know their tools and the right ways to use them – too often craftsmen damage materials or harm themselves because they’ve used their equipment improperly. Read your operators manuals and become familiar with your tools, their applications, and safety precautions. Be familiar with your surroundings, and always be alert in the shop.
— While not engaged, tools should remain unplugged and always in the ‘off’ position.
— If handling a disengaged tool that is plugged in, always carry it by its handle, keep your body away from sharp objects, and away from the on/off switch.
— Tools should never be carried by their power cords.
— Keep tools in their appropriate places. Always return tools to their cases or keep unused tools put away in cabinets. This keeps the shop more organized, and keeps your tools more protected from theft and unauthorized/inappropriate use.
— Be certain your tool’s safety features are always in place.

3.)Inspect your equipment: Be certain power cords are not cut or frayed, and that your tools are in proper working order before use.
— Make sure handle and bolts are tightly in place.
— Don’t use rusty equipment or dull blades.
— Tools that sound or feel funny should be professionally inspected.

4.) Let your saw stop on its own: Give your saw blades a sufficient amount of time to wind down – even without power, a sharp, spinning blade can cause severe damage.

5.) Don’t force your saw: If you experience resistance while cutting, don’t push or force through the cut. Stop for a moment to determine the problem. Your throat plate may be improperly seated, or your rip fence may be misaligned – this can cause materials to stick mid-cut. Attempting to force a blade through these situations can cause bad, rough cuts, blade kick-back, or even contact with the blade.

6.) Don’t rush your jobs: Mistakes and accident are more likely to occur when craftsmen rush to complete a job. When feeling frustrated or rushed, simply take a break.

Be Prepared:
7.) Dress appropriately: Loose fitting clothes or hanging hair/jewelry can get caught in power tools and cause very serious injuries. Jewelry should be removed and clothes should be form fitting and cover the entire body as you work – shorts and sandals should generally be avoided. Steel-toed work boots and hard-hats are recommended where appropriate.

8.) Be safe: Always wear goggles/glasses, ear protection, lung protection, and heavy gloves when using power tools.
— Goggles or safety glasses keep your eyes safe from dust, wood shavings, fiberglass shards, and other debris. Safety glasses should always be worn in the shop.
— Ear plugs muffle the damaging sounds of loud tools and shop equipment and keep the ears, and your hearing protected.
— Masks help prevent the inhalation of harmful particles in the air. Keep your lungs protected!
— Heavy gloves keep splinters and other sharp objects from harming your hands. Keeping your hands covered and comfortable is a good way keep the rest of the shop in safe, working order.

9.) Stay focused and avoid distractions: Pay very close attention to your actions, and always keep your eyes on task – pay special attention to your blades while cutting. If you become distracted while working, turn the machine off rather than rushing to finish.

10.) Always keep clean: Keep both your shop, and your tools clean and properly maintained. Keep your shop as clutter free as possible, and try to work in a well ventilated environment. Always maintain a fresh air supply into your workspace to reduce heath and explosion hazards from solvent fumes airborne particulates.
— Keep your working environment dry and free of debris. Avoid standing near water when working and always keep your hands dry (to prevent electrocution).
— Keeping your tools clean keeps you safer, and your tools running longer.

General Safety:
11.) Storage: Oily rags and other flammable materials should be stored in a cool space away from heat and fire.

12.) Medical: Keep a well stocked First Aid Kit always on hand. Also be sure that your shop has working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

13.) Don’t over-load electrical outlets.
— Avoid using extension cords whenever possible.
— Use shortest extension cord possible, and always use correct length (don’t connect cords to meet length) in12-14 gauge.

14.) Lighting: Maintain adequate lighting in the work-place. Poor lighting creates an unsafe environment, and causes very preventable mistakes and accidents.

Remember to be smart, be prepared, and be safe on the job; you and the others around you are the most vital part of your wood-shop. Stay alert, and stay attentive to keep your shop running like a well-oiled-machine.

New Online Ad Service Targets Consumers By Area

It is now easier for businesses to use the Internet for connecting with consumers in their communities.

About 55 percent of consumers used a search engine to find information about a local business last year, up from 47 percent in 2003, according to market-research firm Kelsey Group. When people are looking for products and services such as restaurants, car repair shops and florists, they tend to spend their money in an area near where they live, work or play. It’s predicted that local search volume will exceed 20 billion searches in the next year and could exceed 30 billion by 2009.

In response to this trend, Yahoo! Local has designed an easy way for businesses of all sizes-from a major drugstore chain to an independently owned bakery-to place ads online that will be seen by people searching for related services in their community. This can help drive foot traffic to their stores and phone calls to their services at a reasonable price.

Called Yahoo! Local Self-Serve Featured Listings, this new advertising program enables merchants to get the most out of their advertising dollars by targeting their ads by geographic region and product or service category. The ads appear through Yahoo! Local searches, which combined with Yahoo! Maps, had 26.7 million U.S. visitors in March, according to measurement firm comScore Networks Inc.

Yahoo! Local Featured Listings was designed with a self-serve function that makes it easy for local businesses to get up and running quickly. The advertiser simply enters information about the business, selects their category, and then chooses the local regions where they want to advertise.

Pricing is set on a flat-fee subscription that begins at $29.95 per month and can be paid by credit card. Because the program is sold on a first-come, first-served basis, businesses don’t end up in a bidding war for popular keywords. The exact rate is determined by the particular business category, the geographic location and also where the ad will appear. Ads that run on the top-also known as the “north” of the page-are more expensive than those that run along the bottom to the “south.”

Yahoo! Local Self-Serve Featured Listings complements other Yahoo! Local free and paid advertising products, which include:

� Free Listings: Yahoo! Local offers a free service whereby any merchant can upload detailed information on his or her business-such as hours, address and phone numbers, products and services offered, Web site or years in business-that can be viewed by all users of Yahoo! Local.

� Enhanced Listings: For a small monthly fee, merchants can submit additional content such as photos, logo, and marketing messaging that will help visually differentiate their listing.

Learn Day Trading Helpful Guidepost

Make the standard to work out if a day trading software is helping or obstructing your investing efforts. Are you making additional money from the recommendations or are you losing out on other picks? Our day trading picks include monitoring performance, modifying pick systems, and making a method to research trading picks.

Day trading tip is “do not over trade”. You should stay trained at each point and wait for the right trades to come. Trust your system and after you identify the best trade of the day, then go for it! You need to stick to trade only one or two times each day. Your key to long term success and steady profit is to make 2 huge trades daily as against many tiny trades.

Volatility goes together with the opportunity. When was the last time you heard about someone making astronomical gains trading a property trust, for example? Never it doesn’t occur. Instead, when running your daily scans for new opportunities put a volatility filter on your selection factors.

Unlike many people out there, don’t forget that even if this article related to daytrading doesn’t cover all the basics you wanted, you can always take a look at any of the search engines like or for more intra day trading related information.

If you get a chance to talk with traders in a group environment you will know one of the key questions that get asked is ‘what is the best day trading tip that you have?’ so many traders are looking for those evasive trading picks or the fast fix, but in pro day trading, the only way to the top is through patience and tricky work.

Get a commission discount – if you’re going to go day trading, you may as well get a commission discount from your broker. You have each right to ask a reduction because as a stock trader you will be making a huge quantity of transactions, which is just the kind of trader brokers like to keep for themselves. This can save you a bunch of cash.

Keep losses down. So how do you manage a trade correctly, even if goes badly? Well, you cannot avoid losses wholly, but you should be prepared to reduce them if things go poorly. That suggests getting out of your position with as little damage as possible . No trader can earn cash all the time. Get into trades with lowest danger, never bet it all on one trade or a dozen, and guarantee you’ve got an exit plan if you need to be successful in day trading.

Many folks seeking online for articles related to day trading system also sought for articles about day forex trading, money, and even day trading business.

Seven Simple Ways To Optimize Your Site For The Search Engines

Would you love to know the secrets of search engine optimisation? Here’s a seven step guide to improving your ranking in the search engines.

First you need to find what people are looking for when they visit your site. Researching what actual words people type in to search engines is vital, these are your ?keywords?.

Do your research on your keywords using Overture and Wordtracker. Overture will tell you how many people are searching on particular words or phrases. Wordtracker gives you an idea how much competition there is for those keywords.

Once you have your list of keywords, then you are ready to optimise your website. I say keywords as, with increasing competition on the internet, you are more likely to have success with keyword phrases or a group of keywords, than with just one keyword.

There are just seven easy steps:-

1. Name your site appropriately – if your site is about cat food, then include the keywords ?cat food? in the title of your site
2. Ensure that your keywords are included in the page title
3. Add a Header tag using H1 tags
4. Use your keyword in the first line & last line of your content
5. Add an Alt Tag to your pictures which includes a description of the picture and includes your keywords
6. Ensure that your keyword is included in the outbound links from your site, an easy way to do this is to link the page back to itself.
7. Sprinkle your keyword a couple more times throughout your text and ensure that you have at least 250 words on the page. If you can’t write this much, then write an introduction and then add a free article from one of the Article Directories, such as Ezine Articles.

If you include most of these on each of your pages, you’ll find that you should move up in the search engine rankings over time.

All of these methods are what is called ?on page? optimisation.

You can also optimise ?off page? by building links to your website, using one of the many link swapping sites available.

You can also create quality links to your site is by leaving comments when you visit other people’s blogs. When leaving a comment, ensure that the ?name? you leave includes your keyword, where possible, and a link back to your site. For example, you could leave a comment from ?Jo @ Cat foods?, linking back to your website address. If you’re not sure where to find relevant blogs, either type in your keyword and the word ?blog? into any of the search engines, or visit Blogger . com and run a search for your keywords.

Another great way of creating links to your site, is by writing and submitting articles to sites such as Ezine ensuring that a link to your own site is entered in the Resource Box.

You may not see immediate results from your efforts, but with patience you will find that you see more visitors coming to your site as your rankings in the search engines improve.

You can find out more about starting and running your internet business, visit Start your own online home business.

This article was submitted by Jennifer Carter, why not build links to your website today.

Starting Your Own Ezine Publication

Starting your own eZine can be a lot easier than you think. This is because in the most basic necessity, all you really need to get started publishing your own paperless newsletter are wealth of content, auto responder with broadcast feature, and a website (which is optional).

Content. You can compile weeks of content ahead in advance and slowly dispense them to your subscribers. For example, you can compile 100 short tips in one day and dispense 10 tips once a week. In other words, you can compile 10 weeks worth of content in just one day!

Auto responder. Your auto responder is your asset. You need an auto responder to send your mails and eZine issues to your subscribers and store your data base of people subscribed to your newsletter. Some recommended auto responders include and .

Website. You may be surprised that this is actually an optional component. In short, there are eZine publishers publishing their newsletters without a website! But of course, having your own website can offer you tremendous advantages, such as the ability to bring in more subscribers and having your newsletter indexed in the top Search Engines.

These are the things you need to get started on publishing your own eZine at its bare minimum. Do not underestimate the little you need, though, because several eZine publishers today succeed well with only an auto responder and contents, with or without a website. And you can, too!

Creating your own content can be a challenge if you publish your own online newsletter or eZine as well. However, regardless of any topic you are publishing on, types of contents can be generally divided into four categories, namely factual content, short tips, mini stories and case studies.

Other than writing your own content, you can get your own unique content the quick and easy way by organizing an interview with an expert or leader in the topic.

Very often, this can be done for free and since the interviewee is writing out most of the content, there is nothing else for you to do other than giving the interviewee something valuable in exchange (maybe a meal!).

Now if you have money to spare, you can hire a ghostwriter to write your content for you without taking any credit. Recommended professional marketplaces where you can seek ghostwriters include and

Another little known and underused method in getting your own content is via public domains. If you are not familiar with the term “public domain”, “public domain” simply means anything that is NOT protected under US copyright law.

This includes ALL works published before 1923 and, under certain conditions, works published up to 1978. And in this case, we are referring ?works? to written materials such as reports, articles and books.

Republishing and repackaging public domain information can help you save time and effort from creating new ideas and content as they are readily available. On top of that, you do not have to pay royalties or copyright fees on that work.

If you fancy the idea of publishing content without any writing on your part, this method is for you.

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